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Keep Your Drones At Home

A few days ago some students stopped by my office to ask me about an email that they had all just received from the Dean of Students Office. The message announced a ban on the use of drones on campus. The sudden appearance of the all-campus message suggested that there had been an incident that … Continue reading

Everyday Resistances: “Scrotumbank”

The scratchings of graffiti seem trivial and puerile on the surface but their tactical operations, often taken spontaneously on the fly with whatever writing implement might be on hand, offer an easily accessible lesson in everyday resistance. While ducking into a coffee shop across the street from the Royal Ontario Museum I caught a glimpse of … Continue reading

Mystery Object #12: Flesh Crayon

Antique stores are useful repositories for objects that evoke memories of the past. Nearly every time I visit an antique store I am confronted with a few objects that evoke things long forgotten. Sometimes I find objects from a time before I was born that confound me with their alien common-sense assumptions. About a week … Continue reading

Beating Snake and the Memory of Video Games

Jesper Juul has posted a fascinating GIF, Tweeted by Brendon Sheffield  on his page at the Ludologist. The GIF, “beating-snake,” is instantly recognizable to anyone who has played a variation of the simple game. In my case, I watched with rapt fascination as the game progressed to its conclusion. The GIF promised something that I … Continue reading

Hardware and Games

It isn’t much of a stretch to say that the hardware store is a space that is primarily gendered as male—a place where men buy tools and materials for construction. Whether professional or weekend do-it-yourselfers, the stores promise encounters with physical labor—selling things for—designing, building and fixing. They sell hardware. So imagine my surprise when on … Continue reading

The Playtime of Surveillance

“Types of machines are easily matched with each type of society—not that machines are determining, but because they express those social forms capable of generating them and using them.” —Gilles Deleuze “All play means something.” — Johan Huizinga When I was growing up, a boy in the upper midwestern United States in the final decades of … Continue reading

Performing Cultural Revolution Nostalgia

I have been mulling over and trying to make sense of what exactly took place at the Cultural Revolution theme restaurant that I visited last week. I have photos, video, and some notes I wrote after returning to my hotel room that night, but none of them help very much. I thought maybe some time … Continue reading


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