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Mystery Object #23: Menu of Fake Stuff

This morning while cleaning my office I found an item I collected a few years ago while in Shanghai which I immediately thought should be considered a Mystery Object. It is a “menu of fake stuff” that I acquired from one of the many salespeople of knockoff consumer goods who troll the length of Nanjing … Continue reading

Mystery Object #22: Pop Cowboy UniSex Shampoo

After a long day on the road, we checked in to our hotel in Pailn—a small town near the border with Thailand—and the first thing I wanted to do was take a shower. So, imagine my surprise when I found two mystery objects on the back of the toilet seat. On the front of the … Continue reading

Mystery Object #21: Frosted Turkey Cake

This Thanksgiving featured something that I just couldn’t resist adding to my online collection of mystery objects—a cake frosted to look like a roast turkey, complete with frosted lettuce and carrot garnish. (I took a photo of it next to a butter dish for effect.) Why anyone would ever want a cake-shaped meat is beyond … Continue reading

Mystery Object #20: The Goat Almighty

  The first night of this summer’s road trip we stopped in Chicago and enjoyed a meal at The Little Goat. As I often do, I asked the waiter to suggest something on the menu that is unique to the restaurant that I would regret not trying. Our server suggested the “Goat Almighty” a huge … Continue reading

Mystery Object #19: Breasts and Personal Technology

Subject to continual upgrade cycles and constant and dependable obsolesce, our personal technology resist the attachment and love that we develop for them. While we take them everywhere and learn to depend on them for communication, entertainment and even to find a bite to eat—the technology pushes back and resists our advances—never retaining the object-histories … Continue reading

Mystery Object #18: Foreigner Costume

“Hi, I’m a foreigner.” Over twenty years ago, while shopping at a store in Japan I came across a party novelty “foreigner” (gaijin) costume set–for dressing as a foreigner at parties. In this case it meant a specific kind of foreigner. The set came complete with a large white nose and two tape-on blue eyes. … Continue reading

Mystery Object #17: The Walking Taco

This weekend while at the Comic Con in Minneapolis I happened upon the most fascinating food abomination—The Walking Taco. It is basically a bag of Doritos sliced along one side with a scoop of meat, topped with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, cheese and a dollop of sour cream. While I was happy to see that … Continue reading

Mystery Object #16: Chocolate Cross for Easter

  While at the checkout counter at a local grocery store last week I noticed a chocolate cross for sale as Easter candy. Made by a well-known local chocolatier, Abdallah, it immediately it struck me as curious. I suppose the sweet object could be interpreted as a creative extension of the chocolate Easter bunny into … Continue reading

Mystery Object #15: The Spider-Man Fes in Fes

Today, while walking in the old city of Fes, I happened upon a person selling fine festival clothing–including some fezzes. I don’t know why I have been so interested in finding a fes in Fes, but I imagine it has something to do with going to the Shriner’s Circus as a kid. The fes and … Continue reading

Mystery Object #14: Seahorses for Tooth Health

This Christmas will be memorable for an unusual gift I found in my stocking—seahorse shaped tooth cleaning brushes. Made in Taiwan and sold in a set of three, the the brushes have a bristly action-end and a tail for picking. Creamy brown color, complete with painted-on eyes, the seahorses are truly unique. I’m not really … Continue reading


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