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Have Mobile Phones In the Classroom Reached Their Calculator Moment?

Last week, while reviewing our class syllabus on the first day, I made a decision to do a little experiment. Rather than make the announcement that mobile phones should be turned off during class, I did the opposite. I told my visual anthropology class that unrestricted use of mobile phones in class would be allowed … Continue reading

Need Help Writing College Essays? 论文写作专家

No, I’m not running an essay writing service. I am, however, happy to see that I have career choices. Yesterday while enjoying a walk through the University of Toronto campus I noticed hundreds of fliers taped up on information boards and utility poles advertising the professional essay writing services. These were special, however, because they … Continue reading

Class Lectures: The Content of the Form

I just reviewed course evaluations from last semester. Overall they were quite positive and some had some useful feedback. My favorite comment: “The teaching style was my favorite. I’ve never seen anybody draw and write such illegible things that end up making me understand exactly what is being said. It’s quite funny to me.” It … Continue reading

Master “The Double Tap” for Success on Assignments

“In those moments when you’re not sure the undead are really dead dead, don’t get all stingy with your bullets. I mean, one more clean shot to the head and this lady could have avoided becoming a human happy meal. Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.”—Zombieland (2009) It always seems to be at the end of the semester … Continue reading

Channel C: Cross-Cultural Chinese College Conversations

I’m pretty impressed by a project at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, called Channel C. Apparently the brainchild of some Chinese students at UW, the “channel” is a series of short videos that discuss questions across the differences between Chinese students and mainstream American college life. Some topics include common stereotypes of Chinese students … Continue reading

Mystery Object #5: Totem of Emergency Protection +1

Today while leaving campus, as I have each day for ten years, I noticed a new addition to the campus topography. Just at the south edge of campus, between two dorms, was a giant dark brown pole with a big blue light on top. Along the side of the pole, written in large letters was … Continue reading

Would the Authentic University Please Speak Up!

What does it mean when a university faculty takes a symbolic vote, but the administration “won’t take an official position?” What does it mean when so many universities’ advertising, their senior officials’ speeches, and their mission statements are filled with words like “community,” “responsibility,” “integrity,” “morality,” “truth” or “service”, but then their institutions appear to … Continue reading

How the Auggies Schooled Minnesota Higher Education on the Marriage Amendment

Higher education in Minnesota has been schooled by the Auggies. Last Wednesday, Augsburg College publicly took a stand stating its opposition to the amendment to the Minnesota constitution that would only recognize marriage as “between one man and one woman.” Their university president, Paul Pribbenow, took the book on “best practices of ‘playing it safe’ in university … Continue reading


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