Haunting the Campus, Making Spaces

In spite of the overcast skies, students in Pilgrims, Travelers and Tourists fanned out across campus to renarrate its spaces in an application of concepts we have been discussing in class. This is the second year I have done this with the class and it seems to be an enjoyable exercise.

This year I also went to great pains to alert any possible member of the campus control, command and management authority that we were doing this activity—so that students would have limited freedom to act. A longer writeup about the first time we did this is located in my post Reimagining Campus Space: Fantasy as Social Practice.

The weather didn’t make for very nice photos, but a small selection is below. This year’s narratives were:

If you stand in this spot, you can hear the thoughts of past Hamline students.

If you stare at this sign for 30 seconds, your eyeballs will shrink

Right next to this sign, someone got ran over by 5 bikes at once.

Every 15 minutes I will return and give whoever is standing here $10.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster will bring the revelation to the world by touching the president with His Noodly Appendage.

In 2069, Jesus will return here first.

If you stand on this spot and sing the “Happy Birthday” song, you will be given a free cupcake.

If you stand on this spot and spin clockwise four times, the Piper will appear.

On September 5, 1998, a Hamline President climbed this tree.

A student vomited here yesterday.

Sitting on this grass is punishable by up to a $200 fine.

If you look in this tree you will see Hamline’s pet squirrel.

After you read this sign 3 times, the Ghost of Hamline’s past will appear behind you.

On this spot, 3 weeks ago, a student was spotted levitating.

This spot has been cursed by the souls of the ancient Indian burial beneath you.

A student fell here and shattered their femur while attempting to walk and text.

If you stand in this spot long enough, you will begin to see into alternate dimensions of reality.

This space will forever haunt you because you’ve read this sign.

The Return of Hannah Montana will take place here.

Close your eyes and feel the presence of the others who have stood here before you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back on this spot in 20 minutes.

If you sit near this sign, birds will land on your shoulders.


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