Mystery Object #17: The Walking Taco

This weekend while at the Comic Con in Minneapolis I happened upon the most fascinating food abomination—The Walking Taco. It is basically a bag of Doritos sliced along one side with a scoop of meat, topped with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

While I was happy to see that the food didn’t generate tons of trash by using disposable styrofoam and plastic, that joy was tempered by the fact that the “food” was basically a bag of chips with fatty meat and fatty cheese and cream with some vegetables in the middle. I noted that the two people in front of me in line asked for only cheese on theirs, so they didn’t even get the benefit of the “vegetables.” Of course, as a captive audience in the convention there were not very many other choices. Then again, I couldn’t resist the chance to actually eat a Mystery Object.

Now I’m off to find some Walking Alka Seltzer.


  1. Justin

    A variation of the old Texas schools system lunch menu item (circa late 1970’s) “Frito Pie”, a scoop of meaty chili, unceremoniously dumped into a big of Frito chips. Ah, the heartburns from the memory.


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