HU Visual Anthropology Class in the Local Newspaper

I was really excited an proud to see that this semester’s Visual Anthropology class got a writeup in this past Monday’s local newspaper. Mila Koumpilova, an education reporter at the Pioneer Press, visited our class the week before, sat through some student projects, interviewed students and then went to observe a filming session with a student and neighbor. Her article, “Film anthropology class bridges gap between Hamline U and neighborhood,” does a great job summarizing the history, goals and pedagogy of the class in a way that I really enjoyed reading.

One of the class projects from the first video assignment was featured in the online story—a short “micro documentary” mimicking the conventions of Robert Flaherty’s famous silent black and white film, Nanook of the North. 

Needless to say the coverage was really appreciated by the class—validating the work that they are doing. Its looking to be a very interesting semester so far!

Somehow seeing it in print in the physical newspaper was even more exciting than the digital version. So I took a photo:

Visual Anthropology Class in the News

Our Visual Anthropology Class in the News

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