Donkey Meat BBQ(驴肉火烧)

While on the street in Zhengzhou looking for a quick lunch we passed a roadside shop selling chopped donkey meat in northern style Chinese bread bing. The meat looked like it was cooked in a style approximating the slow cooking of BBQ. It had a healthy amount of tasty fat and was chopped together with cilantro, raw garlic and green peppers. Served hot in the bing it was a pretty tasty treat. The raw garlic gave it quite a bite—and gave me excellent breath for the rest of the day. I was entertained by the little cartoon image on the wrapper that reminded me of Eeyore.

The text of the wrapper describes the taste of the meat in some pretty big superlatives:

“In heaven (one eats) the meat of dragons.(天山龙肉)
On earth (one eats) the meat of donkeys (地上驴肉)”

As I often remind my students, humans eat anything that doesn’t kill them.

Donkey Meat Wrapper

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