Anti-Cheating Posters on Chinese University Campus

A few days ago I just happened to be visiting a university campus in the outskirts of Shanghai during the beginning of finals week. Along one wall in the lobby of the teaching building I noted a number of very interesting posters discouraging cheating on tests. Done in different styles they all had a singular message—don’t cheat on your finals. I imagined how a similar set of posters posted on an American campus would be received by students taking tests during finals week.

Unfortunately my hosts were in a hurry to get me to lunch, so I only had time to snap one image with my phone—my favorite of the bunch. Done in a style of early twentieth century Russian Constructivist artists. It featured a large camera eye and the words:

“Test Honestly—We Are Always Watching.”

Test Honestly. We are Watching.

Test Honestly. We are Watching.

I just found one more. Its a bit blurry, but features a great biometric fingerprint and a policeman with dark glasses. Entreating potential cheaters to avoid brushes with the authorities, it reads:

Test Honestly. Avoid getting a “ticket.”

Test Honestly. Avoid Getting a "Ticket."

Test Honestly. Avoid Getting a “Ticket.”

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