Occupy Student Debt

**This is a repost of the original Facebook image and accompanying text. I have been meaning to archive a copy here. A sociology student at Hamline interviewed me about this image for her blog shorty after I posted it. It offers some useful context and explanation. Occupy Wall Street sure seems like a long time ago. Sadly, student debt is as big a problem as ever.

Occupy_StudentDebt.jpgI am a college professor increasingly frustrated by the incredible debt I see college students taking on.

Rather than spending their time learning how to creatively solve the problems of the future, their debt forces them to think of education narrowly in terms of “what they can do with it.”

Education was once considered a public good and not narrowly as a personal investment. As a society we need to return to more public investment in education.

Education in the U.S. was once considered to be for the 99%.

(I took this photo after reading some of the posts on the We Are The 99 Percent blog. I submitted it to them, but they chose not to post it, so I though I’d post it on my own Facebook page. Check out their blog at: http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/)

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