Weeding My Thought Garden

Listen to many of the right-wing opponents of national healthcare and they will tell you that it is socialist or totalitatian. The well-read ones might even pull out the literary reference and assert that it is Orwellian–that the governement will take it over your life, tell you what to do with your health, and set up death panels to decide the final day of your mortal coil. I have always found this argument to contradict reality. Nearly every encounter I have had with private health insurance plans suggests to me that they are well along the way to total biomanagment. 

This year, my health insurance plan is requiring me to participate in a health managment plan so that I will be healthier and happier than I already am.  In exchange for lower premiums I was compelled to watch some training videos.

This afternoon I took some valuable time from my life to have a disembodied female voice on my computer feign a “conversation” with me.  Among other things, in her soothing voice she explained to me the mental aspects of personal management–how my “thought garden” grows and how I should be on guard to yank out mental weeds. I honestly couldn’t decide wether to be offended or very terrified that I was being forced to watch such a childish presentation.

And then I realized where I had seen it before.  I was living the classic scene of digital repentance performed by Robert Duvall’s character in George Lucas’ film THX-1138.

The future is here, but it isn’t filled with stark grey corridors that are poorly lit.  It looks much more like a scene from Plants Versus Zombies.

One comment

  1. BrianTHX212

    I vote for terrified. A vision of my brain floating free of my body and using binoculars to look at my garden is going to be in my nightmares for a long.


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