Mystery Object #20: The Goat Almighty


The Goat Almighty

The Goat Almighty

The first night of this summer’s road trip we stopped in Chicago and enjoyed a meal at The Little Goat. As I often do, I asked the waiter to suggest something on the menu that is unique to the restaurant that I would regret not trying. Our server suggested the “Goat Almighty” a huge stack with a goat burger, braised beef, bbq pork, pickled jalapeños, salsa verde, onion rings and cheddar cheese. It was really a crazy thing to order, but I had asked for a suggestion.

Part restaurant branding, part chef-hubris, part physics exercise, I’m not sure what this massive burger means, but it certainly qualifies as a mystery object. It taxed my ability to hold it, it tasted very good, and completely stuffed me to the point I couldn’t eat anything more.


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