Things to Remember From the COVID Spring

It’s pretty crazy how fast things have changed.

Schools closed. Businesses closed. People staying home. Folks getting laid off. The stock market dropping perciptiously. A few months ago the Coronavirus was far off in Wuhan, now it could be anywhere.

I’ve been glued to my phone for information about the explosive spread of the virus across the US while life has quickly been transformed. At the same time I have been typing notes in my phone, writing things down and trying to capture the strange sense of the disorientation.

Because I’ve spent lots of time on social media, many of my observations and comments have been captured by Facebook. I just realized, however, that those are quickly disappearing in my feed and I really want to save some of them to remember things for when this is over. Today I thought I should cut and paste them here in my blog. For the time being I’m just going to call them Things to Remember From the COVID Spring.

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