Museum Fatigue Reads, July 12, 2014

Old Cubicles

The Origins of Office Speak

The Affective Economy: Producing and Consuming Affects in Deleuze and Guattari

The Case Against the Sharing Economy

Laurie Taylor on the endangered art of ethnography

gamble_aSidney D. Gamble Photographs

How China’s Selden Map Rewrote History

Digital Resources for Sinologists 1.0

Future Islands

MET Museum Collection Online

Brazilian Man Becomes Korean After 10 Plastic Surgeries

We Are All Made of Stars

How Did We Get Here (University Hall) at this Point of Time (the “Anthropocene”)?

The Erosion of Faculty Rights


The Valley of Dolls [Video]

Everything is Broken

Internet Census 2012

geovideo_FRNASA’s Earth Day Global Selfie

Life 2.0 [Documentary]

Dancing with Drones [Video]

“Rollin’ Coal” Is Pollution Porn for Dudes With Pickup Trucks

rollin coal

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