Beijing Menu Designates Specific Foods to “Say No!” to Smog

At one restaurant in Beijing, market capitalism has found an answer to the city’s now legendary air pollution—ordering the right foods off the menu. While collectively dealing with the causes of pollution is not a political option available to Beijing residents, according to the restaurant menu the effects of the pollution can be addressed through correct individual consumption. On the menus at Jindingxuan Restaurant (金鼎轩地坛店) specific foods are designated as “resisting haze and clearing out toxins” (抗霾排毒)—specifically good for “saying no” to smog.

The menu explains that it is committed to the question of its customer’s health and to this end it has designated specific foods as light and delicate, easy to digest and especially nutritious. To fight the effects of smog the menu encourages customers to eat right, drink more water, have nourishing soups, fresh vegetables, etc.


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